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On the way back through I decided to stop and hack with the lady. She looked confused when I used the inside of my foot and then immediately threw a sweet back stall, but hey, I have to demo a product if I'm going to buy it. I offered her 2 euro (which is a lot for one of these things) but unfortunately, she had no idea what a euro was, it had no value to her. She looked at the coins as if they were tiny bugs that she was inspecting but knew nothing about. It was very cool, like out of a movie or something, I'm trying to pay with these shiny, very valuable things that she cares nothing about. She asked a few of her friends to come over and look at the coins, and most of them had no clue. One guy seemed to know what they were or had heard of them, and he said something to her about it, but she looked at me and kinda turned up her nose, saying, "No thanks, idiot" or something to that effect. I was sad not to have a cool Chinese hack, but it was a cool experience. Plus, the next day I got one for only 1 euro, haha